Kiln Drying
We currently have two hardwood, solar-powered kilns. Because they are fully solar-powered, they have their limitations. Some months are filled with long sunny days which equates to consistent heat and air flow. Some months are not, which spreads the process out over a longer period of time.
We also have a 3000-board foot capacity dehumidification (DH) kiln. We typically air dry and solar kiln dry all of our material before it enters the DH kiln. This process allows the wood to dry at a safe rate in order to prevent defect and warping that can be caused by drying wood too fast. By the time our materials reach the DH kiln they have reached a threshold for safely drying at a more aggressive rate.
We accept orders for custom drying, so give us a call if you are interested in hearing more about our kilns.


Large-format material leveling is a difficult task. We found ourselves spending a significant amount of back breaking time doing it which led us to believe that others were having the same problem, cue the slab-flattener. With a capacity of 13 feet by 4.5 feet and up to 8 inches in height, we can level just about any slab found in our area.
The slab-flattener can also handle table tops, butcher block, glued-up table tops as well as resin poured river tables.
We do custom milling on the machine for $80/hour with a ½ hour minimum charge.