Custom designs for practical, everyday use are our bread and butter. We love knowing that we can provide a client with a piece that is well-crafted, timeless, and durable enough to remain in a family for generations
Recapture projects. You’ve got the tree and you want it transformed into something that remembers the life and story of the tree. We are here to help. It’s long term project that we are fully prepared to embark on.
Every custom piece we make is one-of-a-kind. We spend a great deal of time at the onset of every project working through ways that we can express the clients’ specific style, wants, and needs into the piece.
Functional – We want everything we make to be used. Functional furniture is the only furniture worth having. We match particular grades and types of lumber for specific projects and use a number of different finishes and topcoats; all of these things play a critical role in the quality and functionality of the piece.
Art/décor – We do more than furniture. Reach out for custom mirrors, butcher block, cutting, charcuterie, and serving boards, pizza peels, jewelry boxes, cookbook stands, monster boxes, and much more…